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Get The Most Out Of Every Breath With The O2 Trainer

December 08, 2018 3 min read

Breathing is something that is pretty automatic for all of us. We don’t really think about how we are breathing until we struggle for air. If you are working out, no matter what you do or if you work in professions where breathing plays a role you should actually know how to breathe right. More over you should advance in better breathing over time. By making some adjustments to how you breathe, you can take your conditioning to a whole new level. In fact, by simply being conscious of how you breathe, you can take steps to drastically improve your oxygen intake.

Many of us of breath in the wrong way in our everyday lives by only using our lungs. It is better to use your diaphragm instead. Breathing that way is done by contracting the diaphragm, a muscle located horizontally between the chest cavity and stomach cavity. Air enters the lungs and the belly expands during this type of breathing.

The O2 Trainer was developed to strengthen breathing and is based on a simple, yet powerful concept. By controlling air intake you immediately begin breathing the right way, using your diaphragm. The smaller the air intake hole, the harder your lings need to work to pull air in. This strengthens and conditions the diaphragm muscles. The ability to intake more oxygen and breath properly leads to improved body composition while supporting a healthier lifestyle. The health benefits are vast including rapid fatigue recovery, heightened concentration, alertness and calming effects for the entire nervous system.

Any athlete knows that endurance is the key ingredient to success. The O2 Trainer is designed to be used during any kind of exercise, including yoga. The lightweight device will help you ensure each breath is full without distracting you from the poses or the wonderful stretching feeling. For professional athletes like Mixed Martial Arts athletes for example it is important to train in many forms and a multitude of methods. Endurance and stamina are very important aspects of a fighter’s training than can mean the difference between a win and a loss. That’s why many great champions today, weather it’s MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai or other athletic sports use some form of breathing or training device including the O2 Trainer. Training regularly with the O2 Trainer will improve your blood circulation so that nutrients are transported to the tissue more efficiently for better muscle nourishment and enhanced joint flexibility. Your body will not have to work as hard to pump blood leaving you with more energy, enhanced cardiovascular endurance and increased strength. The O2 Trainer will give you fast dramatic results.

Training and performing in the arts is demanding, physically and mentally. Precision and focus are crucial. A comprehensive program builds a strong foundation and enables a performer to focus on their performance with confidence. The O2 Trainer is fully adjustable and will accommodate singers and musicians at any level.


Using the O2 Trainer 4 times per week, during your conditioning workouts will be enough but you can use it as often as you like. Just be sure to put in a resting phase like you would do when you workout your muscles. Remember you are training your lungs and diaphragm muscles and they are getting a powerful workout with the O2 Trainer. They need rest to maximize their strength. Any muscle in your body gets stronger by simple rest and “fueling” them with protein.

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