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O2 Lung Trainer

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The Inspiratory Muscle Trainer

  • Regulates air intake and improves muscle oxygen efficiency during exercise
  • Strengthens your lungs and breathing muscles in your upper abs by resisting air intake while breathing in
  • Amazing results with 30 reps (under 4 minutes) a day and proven stronger abs in 6 weeks
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Official Respiratory Training from Bas Rutten

Designed by Bas himself to increase inspiratory (inhalation) muscle endurance, the O2 Trainer is a lightweight device that regulates air intake and improves muscle oxygen efficiency during exercise.


Improve Breathing Power

The O2 trainer restricts air intake to strengthen your abdominal muscles and regulates your breathing form - training your body to properly take in deeper breaths and more oxygen.

Defeat Training Fatigue

The ability to intake more oxygen and breathe properly leads to improved body composition and supports a healthy circulatory system.

Gain Lean Muscle

Change resistance levels by using one of the 14 included air intake caps. As your endurance increases, change out the intake cap to reduce airflow and increase resistance. As your air intake decrease your body will build muscle strength while learning proper form for deeper breaths.


Follow along with Bas as he leads you through a simple breathing exercise with your O2 trainer to build stronger lungs and increase your oxygen intake - all it takes is 30 reps and less than 3 minutes a day!


For Anxiety, and Asthma-Sufferers

Proper Breathing is a must for overall health . Training your lungs with the o2trainer will force you to breathe in and out the correct way . When you learn how to control your breathing you feel so much better mentally as well , you are more in control and aware of the anxiety . The smaller the air intake hole , the harder your lungs need to work to pull air in by strengthening and conditioning the diaphragm muscles .

Any Exercise or Activity

Engineered to increase inhalation muscle endurance, stamina and overall performance, the O2 Trainer is lightweight and designed to be used while performing nearly any exercise or activity.


Breathe Better. Live Better.

The health benefits are vast including rapid fatigue recovery, heightened concentration and alertness, and calming effects for the entire nervous system.


What does the O2 Trainer do for nose breathing?

Working out or doing breathing exercises?

O2 Trainer for anxiety, PTSD, COPD?

Why are you able to pull more air into your lungs when working out with the O2 Trainer?

How to find out that your inspiratory muscles are getting stronger?


New videos are uploaded regularly!

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    MARIO M.
    United States
    I recommend this product
    Recent purchase

    Great. I enjoy using it.

    Raymond W.
    United States
    I recommend this product
    O2 Trainer

    Used it post Covid. Found it helpful

    United States
    I recommend this product
    Very useful tool

    I’ve studied and practiced a decent amount re: breathwork and various modalities for developing effective breathing. In all of that, this might be the single most effective tool I’ve encountered for creating awareness, unity, and efficiency when it comes to the actual physical work of breathing. I bought one for myself and very quickly bought another for a friend who’s dealing with some lung issues. I highly recommend.

    O2LungTrainer.com O2 Lung Trainer Review
    United States
    I recommend this product
    The Lung Trainer is Awesome

    Great, I wasn't getting too good results but I watched some youtube videos on how to use it properly and after practicing several times I've noticed it helps clear my lungs out and I can tell my muscles in my neck have gotten sore from using it so I know that it works. I use an inhaler every night before bed. After I learned how to use it right, I notice that when I am finished with the 30 breathes that it feels like I've already taken my Inhaler for the night. It doesn't quite replace my inhaler every time or every night yet but I can see enough progress that I think over time I will need my inhaler less and less.

    Jesse D.
    United States
    I recommend this product
    Lungs are important!

    Strengthening my lungs every day thanks to Bas. The product is designed well, functions like I expected and it's definitely not a placebo.

    O2LungTrainer.com O2 Lung Trainer Review

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