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Getting in shape is a noble goal – the O2 Trainer can get you there faster

December 08, 2018 1 min read

Losing weight and getting in shape may be the main reason people work out. While everyone starts out with the best intentions, too many give up before they reach their fitness goals. Here are two tips to help make sure that you stay engaged and succeed:

Know “Why”- Many people don’t really understand why they set their fitness goals. Is it to help in finding a partner? Or to make your current partner happy? Or maybe it’s to be healthier and feel more confident ? Understanding exactly why you made the resolutions that you did is crucial to your success. Most of the people that meet their goals are the ones who are doing it just for themselves, not to please someone else.

Target You Goals- Don’t just resolve to “lose 30 pounds” or “gain more muscle” You can make sure that your goals become a reality by setting ones that are targeted and specific. Set goals that you can measure, like “I’ll lose 30 pounds by June 30.” This way you know exactly how much you need to lose, and by when.

Once you have a routine and stick with it try to get the most out of the work out with the help of the O2 Trainer. This way you make sure that the hard work you put into your body will pay off.