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"I have been using the o2 trainer and it has been great to use, noticed after first week huge improvement in my cardio that now when I do physical labor in the oilfield I do not feel as winded. Heard Mr. Rutten discuss his product on Joes podcast when he was on and thinking of making it. Just made me eager to try it out, after hearing of his asthma attacks and knowing people with similar, but not as bad conditions, knew that he put alot of thought into his product. Great guy looking forward to Here Comes The Boom and watching Inside MMA. Much love and respect for Mr. Rutten. powerful"


"Training with both tools has allowed to elevate the intensity of every workout beyond any routine on its own. The quality of my workout is increased which has increase the my athletic performance levels. I have noticed a faster increase in my speed, power and endurance by using both the O2 Trainer and Mass Suit. Training without them in game time scenarios have now slowed down allowing me to focus and get "into the zone" easier because my physical wind and strength levels are above and beyond normal. Thank you!"


"After using for a month The O2Trainer has not only helped me breath easier, it's helped me run faster, trainer harder, and fight longer. I started noticing a difference a couple weeks after I first used it, and after a month I really noticed my endurance had significantly shot up. This is definitely something I'm going to recommend to my friends."


"Fast shipping. Ordered product 3 days later at my doorstep. The O2 trainer has made a world of difference. I have been using it for a week and already notice a tremendous difference. I do MMA 3 days a week for 3 hours straight and before using the o2 trainer I was winded quite a bit now after using it I am barely breathing hard at all. Great product even better results. Another great product from Bas Rutten. "


"I started using the O2 trainer and i love it! the multiple screens allow for even the most out of shape person take advantage of it. i started using it a week ago and i can already notice a huge difference with my lung capacity while i run without the trainer."


"I just bought this product and received it 3-4 Days and it turned out to be an updated version and I like it very much! It's worth it , I am using this product so it can improve my stamina for parkour I will make another review if this product has made a big impact on my stamina or not, anyways its very cool!


"I've been using the O2 Trainer for a few months now and have found it extremely helpful with cardio vascular endurance and lung capacity. Incorporating the O2 Trainer into my bicycling and running routine has had great results and allows me to maximize my cardio conditioning so I can get the most out of every workout. I would definitely recommend the O2 Trainer if you're looking to improve and get that extra boost when it comes to cardio and conditioning!"


"Out of all the breathing resistance mouth pieces available yours in the best. I can actually wear it while training without a tube sticking 6 inches out of my mouth. One thing that your product doesn't seem to do is have adjustable resistance when exhaling. This will force your lungs to push and actually increase lung capacity faster. Just a suggestion. I hope you take it into consideration!"


"Dear Bas Rutten, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your O2 Trainer. Since purchasing it, I have used it with my Krav Maga training. I have also used it with the Bas Rutten MMA Workout. What a challenging workout when combined with the O2 Trainer!! I have noticed remarkable gains in my stamina in just a short time with the O₂ Trainer. This device will definitely be an item that I will train with for years to come. Thanks for making such an excellent product!"


"I've been using the o2 trainer for about 3 weeks now and the results are really impressive. My stamina and endurance have increased significantly within a short period of time. Here are the results for the workouts we've been tracking to prove it: Jimmy L.: Training with the O2 has been pretty brutal. I have no experience with altitude training, nor have I worked with any other form of oxygen-restricting devices. However, my performance with the O2 Trainer has improved drastically. The first workout was very difficult to get through. I started out on Setting #3."


"I bought the Bas Rutten O2 trainer instead of the high altitude trainer. I am very impressed! This O2 trainer is very high quality. The unit is made of a high grade polymer coated in a biodegradable rubber housing. The mouthpiece is sort of a snorkel or scuba design and is very durable. There are two ways to use the O2 trainer: with your workout or with breathing exercises. The trainer has an intake on the right and an expeller on the left. The intake can be adjusted with different size diaphragm screens. Workout screens are 14mm through 5mm; breathing exercise screens are 4mm through 1mm (very challenging). Bas has an online tutorial on his website that explains everything about the trainer: how to change the screens, what workouts to do when using the trainer, ect. This is the only trainer I have found that works your diaphragm as well as increasing your lung capacity and anaerobic endurance. The entire case is less than half the size of a high altitude training mask and fits nicely in a book bag or gym bag. The shipping is very prompt; I had it in 4 days. Deserves six stars but I can give it only five!"


"For the last 4 to 5 weeks before the use of the trainer I lost 1 lbs. The week that I have implemented the O2 Trainer I lost 3 lbs. I noticed more calories being burned, higher intensity on workouts, more sweat, and longer periods for heart rate to come back down. After creating a base line and looking at my numbers doing the same workouts I do see an increase of calories burned and so on. I am down to 209lbs from last week’s weigh in. Only 10lbs more to break under 200 again."


"This trainer is probably the best respiratory trainers out of the many I've tried. Hands down. The design is so simple, it's brilliant. I'd heard about this bad boy from the Bas himself on Joe Rogan's podcast thanks to youtube. The workout you can get with this thing is intense. If you train your lungs regularly, you'll end up performing better athletically, but even if you're just doing some R&R, you'll feel more relaxed. And that's because a stronger diaphragm means less effort to breathe overall. It's a good feeling to have. You can check out other IMT products like this one (I won't name any-you can google this stuff) and you'd be hard-pressed to find one less expensive than the O2 Trainer. Another brand of inspiratory trainers sells like 20 different models for different training levels, and pretty much all of them go from $100 upwards. With the O2 Trainer, you need one. And it has a training setting for everyone and I mean everyone, from beginner to elite athlete. Everybody will benefit from using it. Even people with respiratory problems like COPD, if they train with less resistance. Anyone who's serious about their performance in almost any sport to anyone just wanting to improve their overall health, get the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer."


" I used to get lung infections and have really bad asthma attacks. When I got out of the hospital in the beginning of this year (Feb. 2011) I swore I’d never allow me to get a reason to go back. I spent 10 days there, gained weight and got weak. As soon as I was healthy I joined an MMA gym (Viet Le's Team Assassin) and bought the O2 Trainer. I use the O2 Trainer every day, and every day my stamina gets better, my work outs last longer and my lungs are stronger - I haven't had to use an inhaler since April. Within the first couple days I immediately felt better. I talk louder, run faster and work harder with less fatigue and I feel great. I went from being able to work out for maybe an hour to having almost unlimited stamina. My muscles give out before my lungs or my mind quits. I have a confidence that I didn't know I needed in knowing that I’m not going to gas out. It helps me as a bouncer and in everyday life. Thanks Bas for one more round and thank God for one more day!"

MIKE G., Fighter, Athlete, Asthma Patient

"I recently used the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer during two workouts. On the 3rd day, I trained without the device. To my surprise, my breathing seemed more relaxed and efficient. I was not looking for this to happen, and I was really surprised to experience positive results after only two days. As a result, I had to ask myself how this could happen. After some serious thought, I came to the following conclusion... For me, using the O2 Trainer for those first two workouts prompted me to breath deeper during the 3rd workout when I did not use the device. It was like having a coach make an adjustment in my running form so that my technique could be improved and my training could be a little more efficient. Furthermore, the O2 Trainer was comfortable and simple to use. I also know that Bas designed it so that it will be easy to adjust as I become even more conditioned. So, now I look forward to continuing to use the O2 Trainer – and seeing what other surprises its use will have for my training."

GEORGE R., SWAT Defensive Tactics Instructor

"This device is quite interesting, and it works. It is surprisingly well made, and is simple to figure out how to use it. One must try it a few times, to get used to the feel, but that happened pretty quickly with me. I compete in short distance running and climbing events, and the ability to process air is of paramount importance when racing. This device does what it says: it strengthens the lungs and diaphragm. It is not for hypoxic / altitude training, but then the maker does not claim so. After a few weeks use, I have noticed an increased ability to push myself in anaerobic training, and I believe that the Trainer is responsible for the improvement. Finally, I lost a few of the pieces, and customer service promptly responded and agreed to send me those pieces free of charge. Can't ask for more!"


"About a month ago I was gifted with a set of Bas Rutten's O2 trainers, one for myself and one for my husband. At first we looked at the little holes kinda funny and spent much of our first couple workouts laughing at each other with this thing in our mouths. It did not take long for either of us to realize what a difference it was making. I have been overweight after having my kids and trying very hard to maximize my workouts with something to show for it. I take Zumba Dance 3 days a week and weight train the other two. As soon as I added the O2 trainer to my regimen, my results have really started to show. The lung stamina that I now have has made a world of difference! The fact is I am not only dancing, I am laughing and singing at the same time! It's a far cry from the huffing and puffing I was doing just to keep up! Now it's more like shimmy-shimmy Boom! Boom! Wooo! HA! I am so happy with the new vigor the O2 Trainer has allowed me. My husband is a life long Asthma sufferer and he was extremely skeptical of any restrictions to his breathing. At first it was really uncomfortable for him but before long he was working his way down in sizes; Strengthening his lungs just like any other part of his body. His breathing is now as much a part of his workout as the weight lifting itself. Always knowing breathing was important, but never really being able to take a deep breath has always been a hindrance. He gets more out of his workout now with the breathing under control. More repetition, more stamina, more control and more results. We are both so happy with our O2 Trainers and highly recommend them. The difference it has made shows not only in our varied workouts, but also in our every day life. Brilliant Idea, Thank you."


"I noticed a difference with the O2 Trainer after the first few times I used it. The O2 is like walking up hill with weights on when I train and then racing downhill with ease when I play. I didn't think my lung capacity could get any better but the O2 Trainer has taken it to a whole new level. I'm able to put a lot more air through the horn and effortlessly hold notes longer. I would recommend this to all wind instrument musicians, vocalists and any professionals who rely on their lungs.”

CHRIS M., Saxophonist

"I am 15 years old and my name is Ron. I was diagnosed with Exercise Induced asthma when i was 6. i was not able to breathe and i would get asthma attacks and start wheezing whenever i ran or worked out with my friends at school. i tried out kung-fu when i was 7 and i loved it, but i would always use my inhaler at least twice during training and i would take several pills, but i continued on with it for 2 more years. i then got into Muay Thai kickboxing when i was 12 and it became my life! i loved i! but my asthma kept me from being the best i could be. i stayed with it though for 3 years and i am still doing it! Just one month ago i saw a O2 Trainer being used at my gym and i wanted one so bad. so i saved up for it and bought one. i have now been using ut for a month and haven't used my inhaler at all during trainng which for me is 3 hours of Interval training, cardio and bag work with of course a couple breaks. i have been able to breathe a lot better and have my life again. It really works! I am so happy with the O2 Trainer!! Not only does it help me breathe again but i also play a little guitar, and i sing just a bit, and it helped a lot with my voice! I love it! Thank You so much Bas!!


"Asthma has ruled my life since childhood keeping me from playing any type of organized sports. In my adult years, with daily maintenance medication and 4 inhaler puffs a day I had gotten it under control well enough so I could live a normal life. Now I've replaced the inhaler with my O2 Trainer and am experiencing the strongest cardio of my life. I decided to try BJJ right before turning 43 and found I couldn't even do the simple 10 minute warm-up without my inhaler, then another puff after technique drills, then yet another for rolling. Despite all the puffs, I would still gas out within 2 minutes sparring and looked like a fish out of water trying to get my breath. Anyone who has asthma attacks knows how scary and embarrassing it can be. Yes, I was out of shape, but class after class my jiu-jitsu was improving but my endurance wasn't, until I got my O2 Trainer. I started with 1 set of 12 inhalations/exhalations on level 1 twice a day. Honestly, I would get light headed so I did it sitting down and was smart enough to know when to take a break. After a week I moved to level 5, 4 sets of 12, twice per day, and I began to see the change. I didn't need my inhaler until a few minutes into rolling. Now, two months later, I use level 13, 4 sets of 12, twice a day instead of my inhaler! I train the full hour class without taking a puff, and can roll for 15 minutes without an asthma attack. Sure, I gas out like anyone would, but my recovery is much faster. I'm taking baby steps with my cardio because I know my body and the fear of losing my breath is still there, but eventually I'll start using my O2 Trainer during warm-ups. For now, I am ecstatic with the results I'm experiencing. The O2 Trainer is a permanent part of my daily asthma treatment and maintenance routine, replacing my inhaler completely. Thank you Bas and to your team who put the O2 Trainer together! Without it, I really don't think I would be enjoying BJJ nearly as much and may have even quit. Godspeed sir, and party on. OSSSSSS!"


"My name is hector mendoza and i just wanted to give you guys my feedback on using this device. After incorporating this device into my workouts for several months, i have to say that it works! I now run farther and faster! However, i've reached the highest level and i need something stronger/harder. I run for over 10 miles using the 02 trainer and it's really easy. I do spartan races and actually placed really high and was hoping to get some samples or anything to represent you guys. I'm an upcoming ocr athlete and eager to get faster and stronger."

HECTOR M., Obstacle Course Racer