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Introducing Eric Basek – one hell of a guy

December 08, 2018 3 min read

To say that Blue TItan is my passion is like saying that Michaelangelo liked painting or Ron Burgundy liked delivering the news. Ron Burgundy didn’t just deliver the news, he was the news! From the toilet paper to the class instruction, I sincerely care about every aspect of this business to the “Nth” degree. When you join our members, you are making a committment to yourself. Whether learning Krav Maga or CrossFit, your goal is to leave each and every class a better version of yourself. I cannot thank you enough for considering my studio, my instructors and my classes to help make that happen.

My career in public service began as an EMT at 16 years old for the Hardyston Twp Volunteer First Aid Squad. After 9/11, I found myself attending Emergency Medical Dispatcher training and working for multiple police departments as a police dispatcher and 9-1-1 operator. Then, in 2005, I was fortunate enough to accept a position in law enforcement with perhaps the most unique law enforcement agency in the world, the U.S. Park Police.

From 2005 until April of 2011, I was assigned to the Washington DC office. I spent four years in patrol living a police drama. Car chases, guns, drugs, robberies, et al.. Every night was a new adventure. In 2009, I attended a grueling 5 week SWAT school and finished as the Top Graduate and Top Gun. I then spent the rest of my time in Washington D.C. serving search warrants, escorting the President and other dignitaries around, rapelling from helicopters, working mass demonstrations and protests of hundreds of thousands of people and even staying at Camp David during Presidential visits. These are the kind of things you dream of as a young boy idolizing your father, who was a fireman, an EMT and a police officer himself.

All the while working as a police officer, I began training and instructing the Israeli Self-Defense Krav Maga at a Mixed Martial Arts studio in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This was the very system that seemed to save my life in every physical encounter I was forced to partake in and it was now the same system I felt compelled to share with civilians, military and law enforcement personnel alike. I became an agency instructor and worked to revamp entire curriculums, teaching not just my own agency, but multiple agencies in the Washington, D.C. area.

In 2011 I was promoted to Sgt and transferred to our NY Field Office and back to my home state of NJ. Work in the NY Field Office was not quite what it was in the District of Columbia and I began to miss my second passion….teaching. It was then that I decided to open up Blue Titan and resume the hobby that has now become my biggest passion in life.

My wife Amanda and I opened up Blue Titan with a different mindset than most businesses. While we need to be profitable to exist, money was always secondary to our reputation. Every class is imporant. Every student is like family. You are not going to take a class and look over to see an instructor texting on his cell. Teaching is our passion. As Iron sharpens Iron, so one Man sharpens Another.

My sincerest thanks and appreciation for giving us the opportunity to improve your lives through fitness & self-defense.

Fitness Certifications
o CrossFit Level I
o CrossFit Endurance Trainer
o CrossFit Coaches Prep
o USAW Level 1 Sports Coach
o AFAA Personal Trainer

Self-Defense/MMA Certifications
o Bas Rutten Fight Club
o Bas Rutten MMA
o Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Division (LEO)
o Krav Maga Worldwide Expert I
o Krav Maga Unified Black Belt
o FLETC Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructor
o Royce Gracie Ground-Fighting for Law Enforcement
o Israeli Krav Maga Association Instructor, Haim Gidon