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December 08, 2018 1 min read

Strong muscles and a healthy heart are essential components of physical fitness and healthy living. Without a stable foundation and heart fit for circulating your blood, you will certainly fail at your fitness goals. To get in shape with greater effectiveness, you need to have a better idea of the physical processes associated with exercise. Most importantly, in order to succeed with your fitness goals, it is optimal that you understand the importance of oxygen.

During exercise, oxygen is required to complete metabolic reactions. Oxygen breaks down food, which is converted into ATP, a necessary component of energy. As a result, when you exercise, an increase in oxygen helps you work out longer and harder. Following exercise, your body is able to recover more quickly and efficiency, which ensures you will have fewer sore muscles or days when you are unable to exercise.

The average person has about 11 Lbs of breathing muscles (diaphragm and intercostal muscles), muscles you can NOT workout without a device like the o2trainer.  Doctor Belisa Vranich says (world renowned breathing expert)  says:  "That feeling of gassing, is oxygenated blood leaving your limbs to support the number 1 priority in your body, your breathing muscles". Working out those muscles will make them more efficient and therefor they will use less oxygen, hence, your stamina increases