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July 09, 2020 1 min read

O2LungTrainer and fitness guru, Bas Rutten, teaches fitness with an emphasis on the asthmatic person and believes 100 percent that certain exercise routines and chronic asthma, go hand in hand. Both of these require proper breath control techniques. The first, to get the most out of your exercise routine to build stamina and strength. The second, to overcome the ravages of asthma on the lungs. Proper breath control benefits both exercise routines and chronic asthma. It is only when you are able to regulate and strengthen your lungs that you can improve your oxygen intake. Increased oxygen will improve the function of every vital organ in the body and especially the lungs.

Given the proper breath control exercisesby guru O2LungTrainer Bas Rutten, who is a lifetime asthma sufferer, believes you can overcome asthma, through increasing your lung capacity. Bas is best known for his O2 training expertise and believes that through high altitude training and utilizing the martial arts, an asthmatic person can overcome this chronic condition. Bas Rutten has taught many asthma patient’s that they have a natural ability to control their breathing through the exercises that he feels so important in overcoming this disease and increasing lung function.

Those asthma patient’s who have gone through Bas Rutten’s unique training have found that their body adapted well to breath control during exercise routines and found this helpful at times where they experienced asthma flare ups.